Monday, July 02, 2007


I used to be a phone evangelist, but it's over now. Now it's cooler to be the one with the worst phone. (See left, a Moto freebie and a smile) As of last Friday there are 500,000 plus handset evangelists out there because of the iPhone. Many of these people had crappy phones before. This means they have passed the genius bar, but may not know whether the features they are talking about... like click to call on google maps... are breakthrough rather than what everyone with an ok phone has been using for the past year. The iPhone is very cool, but I've noticed that some friends won't walk with me outside of their wifi network. I feel the steepness of their investment is keeping them from dissing the iPhone. Since I have made no such investment I can dis' with abandon.

But let me say this, I do want an iPhone. I like tabbed browsing, and I think the slow network is a great idea because it means an 8 hour battery life. And if Steve Jobs wants to play Santa I would like to request some very simple improvements. I'm not looking for 3g, I want 'Select Mode' so I can forward myself listings and put them in google maps etc., URL forwarding so I can share things, camera zoom (did they actually forget this?), and if possible Ramble IM (Ramble's not a deal breaker but it's a very nice to have) . Yes, these are all features available on bb's, so I'm confessing to both working and enjoying having a bb.

Of course, I'm biased towards using made for mobile pages instead of big web-pages, because even with lightning speed (when you can find wifi) and multitouch, which enables what I call 'Web Repelling' (see below) I'm not ready to drop the cash because I'm still giving up lots of functionality found on the Pearl. I do love to pinch and spread with my fingers as much as the next man but it's just a waste of time really.

Web Repelling is lots of fun once or twice (see!) but once you have a few smiling pictures of yourself doing this you can get on with yourself.

Lobby or start a company with Ad Supported wifi for NYC! I am considering writing Bloomberg or helping startups for an ad supported model for free wifi in NYC if that is faster than lobbying for muni-fi. The new Jajah application for international calls would be nice if I could use it out of the house, and if we had blanket wifi maybe my iPhone-having friends would venture out of their hotspots. That would be nice, because that's what mobile phones were designed to let them do.

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