Sunday, February 03, 2008

Frozen Grand Central

Frozen Grand Central is a social media advertisement for NYC - it highlights our innovation in improv comedy, the architectural prowess of grand central station, new yorkers' curiosity in what's happening around them and willingness to share experiences with strangers. Best of all I found this on Youtube, and it's only 4 days old. So not only are New York minutes being better distributed but this makes me think there's good reason to start using Youtube mobile more regularly - because I might see something locally relevant that I could experience immediately. I think the next step is to use mobile distribution to alert people of new content that is not tied to a regular show, like performance art events such as Frozen Grand Central by Improv Everywhere. (The same people who bring you the pants-less subway rides)

And...has anyone noticed that marketing live events via mobile will be easier now that the CBS Mobile hotspot in Midtown is up and running? I would say they were soft about the launch, I only saw subway advertisements like this one, but hopefully more people will realize there is free WiFi in NYC that should work. Has anyone tried the hotspot yet? Is the state of the signal strong to quite strong? Let me know

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