Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Vote

Thou Shalt Not Vote, without full information...Thou shalt think for youselves...but you can use some help getting yourself to the polls.

I'm protesting by not voting in the NY primary. You know why? Well, as I updated in my facebook status, I'm a dumbass, for thinking that I could wait until I got to work and then vote down here in Flatiron (or Rose Hill if you prefer) rather than up on the Upper West Side. What could have saved me is the reason I'm not voting.

I got a voicemail from Chris Rock at 8:40 pm last night "whether you vote in every election or you've never voted before this Tuesday vote for Barack Obama" because he was inspired. I was inspired too, I saw Chris Rock in person at the Apollo, Barack said he was the funniest person in comedy, which is true because Dave Chappelle took his hat out of the ring.

So here's my reason for protest (which is completely unfair) Barack, is you went 90% of the way to being the tech president but that voicemail could have been even better. It could have linked me here actually no, it should have linked directly to a quick and easy Polling Locator website here... because I turned in early last night and didn't have a chance to check my laptop before I left in morning (ok I don't check my laptop in the morning unless all cell towers have stopped working). Barack and Co in Chicago - you didn't even have to build a mobile site to do this Mobile.USA.gov did it for you already all you had to do was link to them!!! I talked about this on MLK day when I spoke at Mobile Monday in Philadelphia, if the US government that runs its elections completely on paper can figure out a mobile site, media brands have no excuse. I even have pictures of me saying it (just one photo of me in a RockYou slideshow) for proof!

Right, so what's the real story? Ok, so I'm a dumbass, I forgot about the wisdom of the chads, I thought if 8 years pass that if I wanted to vote from work I can rather than be forced to vote in my district.

But, I think I was put off guard a bit because I remember hillary trying to stop big caucases in casinos in Nevada which I thought was somehow extended to primaries in states that aren't running caucuses as well. oh well. I could find the voting booth, but it was the wrong one and wasn't able to get back uptown in time for the 9pm close due to priors....my bad. Had I only known where to go this morning, I might have planned a little better. Maybe lazy voters like me shouldn't have a say in our electoral system? Or should busy people be rewarded for working hard and not having time enough to plan well ahead for voting?

BTW, I like that Flatiron is courting the Chinese and Korean votes (I understand Korean vote because of the proximity to K-town) not really sure on the Chinese. I'm not complaining, it's actually the first time I've seen the word Tou Piao (to vote) in Chinese printed in simplified characters.

I've never had someone comment to my blog, but if someone doesn't do so now I think that Feedreaders killed the Blogging star or I'm incapable of pissing people off! ;-)

Ok gotta go, Stephen Colbert just facebooked me a tune-in reminder about Super Tuesday

Inspiration for my title?
Nothing really, I just wanted an excuse to post this link to dan le sac vs. scroobius pip's infectious anti-everything groove with lyrics that won't leave my head such as "Thou Shalt Not judge a book by its cover, Thou Shalt Not judge Lethal Weapon by Danny Glover....Thou Shalt Think for yourselves...."

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