Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FTW - twitter the first global presence

This is why I've become addicted, and this is why everyone who's been using has been clicking their heels and saying 'there's no place like home.'

Robert Scoble
Scobleizer @problogger knows how to TwitterBait me with an interesting video:

....(a little excerpt from the corporate blog) Does anyone know Twitter’s mobile web traffic based on their ~1MM users? Has anyone really commented about how this is the most global platform the web has ever seen? Even Facebook has to translate into each language to become relevant and Google has to strategize about how to win in China.

Twitter does not.

I wouldn’t have known since it’s been 5 years since I’ve been back to China but Paul Denlinger asked on Twitter if Twitter was the US’s QQ. [The background is Chinese startup Tencent developed QQ, which is like AIM and a Twitter-like mobile site TaoTao, which has Chinese carrier SMS support.] QQ has not made Chinese users ignore Twitter (at least not the ones I follow, they twitter all the time - see I can use qualitative data to prove my points too) - and why is that? It’s because once Twitter users anywhere figure out that they can twitter without text messaging there is an epiphany for each user as the text buzzing silences. We see Twitter as the asynchronous IM platform that only shows us what we choose to see from anywhere in the world at all times of day (sounds like the promise from web 1.0 doesn’t it?). The only difference between silicon valley and silicon alley is exactly 3 hours of twitter posts, china 12 hours (for half the year :-) ).

If you carry your phone 18 hours a day that means that you have a much better shot at catching Robert Scoble’s updates about being on his startup tour in Israel this week on mobile. As I’m writing this I’ve just noticed that Kaiser Kuo is now following me. Kaiser blogs from Ogilvy in China, and if you follow him on Twitter (go ahead,) you might see some interesting stuff from him at 9pm as China wakes. If you get all of your information while at your desktop then you are missing out - you can catch updates as you wait for the bartender to pour your beer. I also can’t wait to see people from Cuba start twittering. I wouldn’t be able to deal with direct dialogue, but as Ian Schafer points out it’s the way to peek into our neighbor’s windows, because Twitter gets the rules of engagement just right.

I’m trying to stop looking at Twitter (sort of) but even on my way back from dinner the other night I found out that my favorite podcaster Cali Lewis of GeekBriefTV wanted help finding a location for a Thursday night meetup in NYC on the Upper West Side. I couldn’t resist by saying the Samsung Experience Center in Columbus Circle where mobile monday events are held would be the right place for all ages. A tip from Darren Rowse is that as long as you know how to write headlines and lead with questions instead of ‘here’s my newest blog post’ you can break news or ask for help all the time and allow people to let what is not valuable scroll by them.

See you at the Apple store Thursday at 6:00pm


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