Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FailWhale: My First Media Buy

So I'm at work, and have a meeting in 10 minutes. However, since @ev responded faster than I thought he might @ev's atsponse. I thought I'd write a quick post slightly longer than 140 characters to reply to a question that I'm guessing Twitter would like to ask right now: 'What are you doing?'

Well as simply as I can put it, this:

1) Upholding intellectual property for designers such as @yiyinglu, because the creatives in advertising and product development have relatively little power these days.

2) Saying thank you to all the people that keep twitter up, all the recent outages are just reminders to me of how much I use, rely and value twitter as a communications utility and for keeping tabs on more of the world more of the time. See my post FTW Twitter the first global presence

3) Making my first media buy...@ev has 14,412 followers, 20 t-shirts to outfit twitter cost $361.17 sponsored in part by the failwhale fanclub. That translates into the following in media buying terms: a $25.06 CPM, @yiyinglu will let me know how many shirts are sold = CPA, and maybe zazzle can help me find the CPC. Summize can then tell me the word of mouth effect which would be enormous, because there's already many people retweeting @ev here's the Summize feed for the keyword "FailWhale"

It would have sucked if @ev didn't tweet about it, so really it was more like buying a call, but that's moot. Thanks for making the experiment work @ev! .

One thing I'd love to know is - how many impressions were mobile?

Basically this all started when I made my own FailWhale t-shirt and got a huge reception from people at Internet Week in NYC during the first week of June.

(Sorry John Adams and Jeff Bezos, I had to do this before twitter got past the 2 pizza marker, but feel free to customize your own failwhale shirts :-)

More here on the fanclub website that Sean O'Steen launched today


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