Friday, January 30, 2009

The Reading Rainbow Guy's Answer to the Kindle...

When I come out of the subway and see this poster, the first thing I think of is, 'She needs her peripheral vision.'

She looks like a lady I know. If I didn't know her, she'd be the lady....I didn't know. She's chopping broccoli...
(click thru to skip the long skit intro)

Then I think, 'She'll need mittens because she shouldn't be practicing cooking with these things on.' 'Her face should look like she's saying please don't think i'm a ditz for using this to watch a cooking show.'

Yes, many things are wrong with this picture. I tried to sympathize with the 'my view' makers (I had to think about the name even longer - meeevooh?). I finally realized the intended customer. YES! It's LeVar Burton!! You know, the reading rainbow guy. Yeah, he wore one of these later on in his career if I remember correctly.

Then I became angry, because I got the Reading Rainbow song in my head. I adapted it for the ad, 'Take a look! It's not a book, it's myyyyyyyyvieeeeeeeeeew!!! STOP. Just stop and call this an iSee and everyone would get it.

But since they didn't call it an iSee I kept with the LeVar Burton ad campaign...later on in his career they called him Lt. Commander Georgi LaForge.

I think you need to not segment your audience too much too fast, the tag line, on this poster was 'myvu is COOKING SHOWS.' That's a leap that I'm not ready for, it's not a teaser, and unless I go home and look at the website. Oh and I see this guy, and now I'm thinking Oakley makes these things. I'm completely in the dark. But the copy helps...

This looks like groundbreaking technology, but tell me how many people have any idea that this is for an iPhone or iPod?

Wouldn't a better ad be, 'Who wants to carry around a Kindle?' and show a picture of LeVar Burton?

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