Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Hey, Ivanka Trump" says Ruben Blades, "Panama it will never leave you"

It is next to impossible to find on the internet, but if you have been in a cab lately Ruben Blades has recommended you visit Panama in the Panama Tourism commercials on NY10taxi TV.

Thanks to John Carney at The Business Insider in his pickup of Latin Business Chronicle Ivanka Trump is now forever linked in his post "Weirdly Smart Ivanka Trump Says its Time to Party in Panama". So now in terms of the web, we're sure that Panama will never leave her.

Unfortunately you cannot find the video of Ruben Blades' commercial anywhere on the web, but it is begging for a mashup and fake summit, romance or otherwise that involves Ruben Blades salsa singing and dancing and courting his newest, all-business spokeswoman, Ivanka Trump. There are, if you must look, much less interesting and lower production quality videos of panama on Youtube and on panama tourism sites.

The commercial is campy and says there are so many birds that you could have an air traffic controller pushing feathers in the rainforest. In the video a bird poops on the air traffic controller's shoulder and Ruben Blades says 'Get that man a hat' (would love to add a link here, BBDO, Ruben?).

Ruben, I must ask that Ivanka Trump is saying that Panama's Real Estate is a bright shining light in her portfolio, doesn't she deserve a hat too?

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