Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter bump: Failwhale sightings on land prompt much conversation

Last August I was struck by how many comments Tara Hunt got when she took a picture of herself in her Failwhale T-Shirt. That was 2008 when twitter was for geeks.

Now it's 2009 and on a quiet March evening in London Imogen Heap who is best known for "Let Go"did the same thing with 3x times as many comments in a short period of time. I'm also pretty sure that very few of her 57,939 followers are considered 'in the tech industry'. She racked up 7,982 views to her Twitpic page, which means that 7,982 people clicked from seeing Imogen Heap tweet that she uploaded a picture. And then 23 people could not help but comment about her and the Failwhale she was wearing.

Facebook is making products talk too - I enabled Netflix with Facebook connect today, rated one movie, Midnight Run from 1988 and already I've had 3 comments in 1/2 hour

Here are all Imogen's comments from Twitpic
ginaaaxmarieee on March 27, 2009
hahaha. i love the fail whale too. walk on the streets with that shirt! (:
kimmieeee on March 27, 2009
This is so cute!
davidshepherd on March 27, 2009
Save the whale, its eyes its nose its tail... (John Shuttleworth)
lesliemmuller on March 27, 2009
Immie, I think you have my pajama bottoms--they look better on you. . !
ben_rio on March 27, 2009
That goes quite well actually. Very Sunday morning. Chariots of fire inspirational music, run for the kettle!
Andymy on March 27, 2009
Hehehe Ultra cooooool ^_^
witchlostintime on March 27, 2009
I wish I looked that good mid pj changeover! Loving it!
tec5x5 on March 27, 2009
Nice i dont where pjs i just sleep in my jeans
anonymousangel on March 27, 2009
sweet! lovin the 'do.
whereamigoing on March 27, 2009
You look great,this pic is so cool.
yukimi on March 27, 2009
awww I love the failwhale too! but don't make it a pj! I would happily walk around with one of these shirts! so lovely!!!
lindsayylou on March 27, 2009
Loooovve it!!!
lizzy1e on March 27, 2009
So coooool! Got that error yesterday and thought it was such a cute pic. :D
HeyLetsPogo on March 27, 2009
The t-shirts are for sale here: And I absolutely agree - you look fab, Immi :)
desvai on March 27, 2009
so cute, i want one!
truett on March 27, 2009
kristwhy on March 27, 2009
it's awesome, you're beautiful as is your music
SidifromDC on March 27, 2009's beautiful!
LiaisonOnEtsy on March 27, 2009
Who is the vendor Imogen? Where'd you get it??
Talklikeazombie on March 27, 2009
Awesome! And badass pjs Immi xD
georgiaelizabee on March 27, 2009
Win! (:
omnamaste on March 27, 2009
dude. we wants.
uberlab on March 27, 2009
cuuuute :) personally think the "fixing it now cat" was cuter tho
lexi_c on March 27, 2009
I love the shirt! And I love your hair! My goodness, you are gorgeous! :D

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