Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This Guy, Deserves a Party - John Hughes Memorial Web Service Brainstorm

Event: 6:30pm, Thursday August 13th
Title: John Hughes Memorial Web Services - Thursday Night Brainstorm
Location: New Work City, 200 Varick Street, NY NY

If you're like me you were saddened by the loss of John Hughes last Thursday. You may also have noticed that unlike the loss of Michael Jackson, which prompts people to make videos of themselves moonwalking, John Hughes inspires a particular type of web conversation as well. At least from my personal streams, there were more quotes on Twitter and longer wall strokes on Facebook / Friendfeed than for any other weekend on web record. But who's making this experience better, and who's using all this data to make things more fun for all of these fans?

I have some interesting ideas on how to make the American tradition of quoting everything you can remember from John Hughes' movies even more fun. There is a new generation of viewers that need to be inspired in the way that Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club and Planes Trains and Automobiles did inspired us. There's a new generation of movies, like Superbad, and though the angst may be the same, we need a better way to share the feeling. And I think we can offer the semantic recognition to turn the whole conversation into a game with a beginning and an end.

However, unlike many web services that are built in private, "....with the water running all day..." with the hope of extracting money, this should be a feature driven experiment that does more to unlock clips and give context and broader share-ability and meaning to why we continually bring back those famous scenes in our daily lives, and create a party around it. Because when I think of John Hughes, I hear the echo of Lisa from Weird Science, 'This guy, deserves a party'.

I'm planning to be at New Work City this Thursday 8/13 starting at 6:30pm and use all available whiteboards and discussion space to share our ideas. If it goes well we might use livestream/twitcam to share with the rest of the world.
Maybe those who are building services to enable a new way of automating content sharing, especially if they are doing it for movies, will take notice.

You can bring your magazine clippings, and you can wear a bra and your head, but come!

"Do you know if we played by the rules right now we'd be in Gym?"

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