Thursday, December 03, 2009

Twitter and Mobile Web

Twitter just released a preview to it's own, improved mobile website and I couldn't be happier. At a time when it seems like mobile web is the like the whale that everyone's forgotten @leland 's preview site is a happy reminder that while apps are cool, web is core.

Mobile web grows quickly and steadily every day but for a while there it seemed like Google was the only company that cared.

Up to now my two favorite mobile websites that leveraged the Twitter API have been:
1) dead simple interface that has support for lists but not optimized for touch screens
2) which was on fire, snuffed out on mobile web and then flew out of the ashes via the app store

When Twitter cuts over permanently from the beta URL and redirects all mobile traffic to the new preview style, I'd assume we'll see support for lists. But for all the Lisztomania, what I'm even more excited about is seeing a mobile website that supports Geolocation (adhem..Ryan, meet Leland, Leland meet Ryan).

O Safari, I have a question. Even though you've just woken up, I know you can recognize location, and I'm not talking about Google Latitude's persistent Location, rather I'm talking about the more useful points in time (which is what Foursquare and Dodgeball have taught us) where comments, pictures, videos and hashtags are being posted for the spiders to crawl all over. Is there a specific value for having a mobile web interface that lets people tag the location of what's happening? Well Safari hasn't made a sound yet, so I'll keep thinking it over.

And did I mention Leland's attention to detail is impressive?

Now that's how to run a beta :)

Here's Leland's blog post on Twitter:

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