Saturday, January 30, 2010

The iPad and the Blue Lego

You've read a lot this week about the iPad, but I wanted to share what I've seen on twitter as a mounting protest in the past couple of hours.

It begins with the Blue Lego. For anyone that has used an iPhone to surf the web in mobile safari, it is likely that they've come across the Blue Lego of Flash-less-ness. When you go to the NyTimes' regular website on an iPhone you will see a webkit standard 32x32 pixel blue lego in the middle of the Video section.

John Biggs says that the iPad might run flash because the Apple iPad demo video had a NYT restaurant section show up instead of the Blue Lego, but demos can be deceiving. Update: Wired says the screenshots were fake.

Joe Hewitt pointed out that Adobe looked pretty defensive with this recent blog post, because they predicted that the Blue Lego will be everywhere when the iPad launches. Lee Brimelow photoshopped the Blue Lego (aka the NullPlugin...thanks Chris Messina) onto many of the sites and web games that we hold dear, assuming that the Blue Lego will be used to comfort iPad users in the same way it has served iPhone users. What will be the response? Will Steve Jobs lobby the webkit standards bureau to make the icon a 64x64 pixel square?

Already, Keith Peters has started joking around and has replaced his Twitter avatar with the Blue Lego, and flash developers are starting to rally. And, update: Kendall Helmstetter posted a response on Flickr, and Ryan Cooley posted to Twitpic to fan the blue flame war with 15,700+ views.

So, for me this started last night just before I left the office. I asked my Twitter following if they knew how to find a high resolution version of the ubiquitous, yet tiny 32x32 pixel Blue Lego Icon. I have to send a big thanks to Yiying Lu who I worked with to make the Failwhale big back in 2008. She sent me her enlarged Blue Lego design before I could even ask her!

And here it is, your SXSW 2010 t-shirt, the Blue Lego!

Banned by Lego on Zazzle :(

Also, a big thanks to Lee Brimelow the platform evangelist and blogger from Adobe whom I metioned earlier - he has already retweeted the zazzle link!

Update: There's now a Chrome extension that shows you the web on the flashless iPad!

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