Monday, July 18, 2011

TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing

Back in January we heard that TechCrunch was going to run its first international Disrupt show in Beijing. Since then there has been no news, but after a few calls over the past couple of weeks I've learned that there are still plans to have TC Disrupt Beijing and I've been invited to help with the planning!

I'm told that the date will be set as soon as this week, so be on the lookout for the announcement. China friends, feel free to comment or tweet me here if you'd like to chat more once the date for the show is set. I'll be sending out emails soon to many of you to discuss how to make sure that the best startups from all over China and the region know about the timing and details for how to submit for the Hackathon and a chance to be in the Startup Battlefield.

This summer is proving to be big for tech startups in China. I'm sure that Innovation Works which has just announced its recruiting companies again and the new ChinaAccelerator will both be well represented at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing. Also, this Friday is the beginning of Geek Week in Shanghai. Let's see if that momentum builds as we get ready for TC Disrupt this Fall.

Even when we get the details about the show, many questions will remain unanswered for me, in particular:
  • Who is planning to be in Beijing for TC Disrupt from the US and Europe?
  • Will the winner be from Beijing?
  • Will the new A Fund and its Android app launches crowd out iPhone and iPad?
  • How many of the startups will *not* focus on the US/EU markets, social nets etc?

I'll be excited to see this show take shape in the next few months. See you there!

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