Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mad Men Breeds Vandalism

Since I don't have the courage to vandalize like the pros who've created scenes to fill the void in the new Mad Men Falling Man posters, I have resorted to Instagramming their work.

MadMen peril on Park Ave
And then I found out that there are even better ones on the internet already that pose playful backdrops in addition to the monstrous shown here. 

What's holding back greater participation from the general public in this burgeoning meme in which we show our disposition toward MadMen's return?

AMC has already given users the ability to put a landscape version of this poster on your facebook timeline, but without letting us draw on the image it's kind of hard to expect that this will create a lot of earned media. 

So here you go, I'm giving you a real world example of the MadMen poster in the wild, enhanced by Camera+ to remove the glare and give it a whiteboard feel. Now you can have both the thrill of vandalism with the detachment of the internet to create your masterpiece in personalized MadMen advertising.

Go ahead, make Don Draper and DraftFCB proud!

1) Download, 2) deface, 3) share & 4) enjoy:

Mobile Version
Vandal's tools:
1) Adobe Ideas (iPhone)
2) Skitch for Evernote (Android)

Desktop Version
Vandal's tools:
Skitch, Photoshop, Aviary etc.

h/t to Laughingsquid (I edited this one with Photoshop)

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